LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 11/05/2018

karadrum_the_hermit_by_klauspillon-d62qxfyIX – The Hermit.

The letter for today gives us a direct connection to our “Self” and with our senses, encouraging a reflective and insulated behavioral tendency that keeps us away from the strange reality. So avoid hasty actions, as they may lead you to dead ends or lead others to follow you wrong. Remember that the need to understand your way, spiritually indicates that you are in a new stage and it will be important caution and deeper insight into your personal issues. However, be aware that this attitude will keep you apart from others and do not allow this to be interpreted as indifference or coldness. Remember that your actions influence the lives of others and this requires a lot of responsibility. Be aware!

Image: Digital Art by KlausPillon on DeviantAart


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