LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 11/18/2018

Death_HorsemanXIII – The Death.

The letter ruling today shows that major changes can happen by changing our attitudes and condition in relation to people or situations. It is a day where the horizon appear the near future and will change our consciousness. Remember that changes are always good because they allow new possibilities to come. Adaptation to all!

Image: Digital Art by theDURRRRIAN on DeviantArt


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 11/17/2018

ten_of_cups_by_memuii-dcmtnuvThe Ten of Cups.

The letter ruling today presents us with harmony and tranquility. A subtle feeling of fullness and joy invade our hearts giving us joy because we are close to those that we love. Moment for diplomatic communication and to resolve old conflicts. Feel the love and great humility, but do not be careless!

Image: Digital Art by Memuii on DeviantArt


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 11/16/2018

ych_commish__three_of_wands_by_aminirus-dcfehmm1The Three of Wands.

The letter ruling today enhances our visionary ability. We will be provided with much insight to predict the results for our business, enabling us to be able to clearly decide the best way forward to achieve our goals. We will realize the strength of our power of interaction and communication, which will provide a conscious creativity. However, we should examine our decisions with a mindset tempered, without anxiety, to not run the risk of being precipitated. Be analytical and confident!

Image: Digital Art by Aminirus on DeviantArt


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 11/15/2018

_pkmn_dd__page_of_swords_by_reversealchemist-dbnes47The Page of Swords.

The letter indicates the day to ease comunication, speed of analytical thinking, but there may be uncertainty about the proper way to act to achieve our goals. However, problems could arise due to our own attitude of alertness and confidence, leaving us tense and anxious. Try to focus on their attitudes on the goals to be achieved and manage a situation at a time!

Image: Digital Art by ReverseAlchemist on DeviantArt


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 11/14/2018

adrian__five_of_swords_by_the_flying_beetle-dcbta6uThe Five of Swords.

The letter ruling of today gives us contact with the nature of the fragile condition of being human. We will be imbued with discriminatory thinking, induce us to believe that we can judge the conditions of others, and before that, to question our importance and merits in relation to events, situations or peoples. It is a day full of strong and self-centered attitudes, which act in favor of recognizing himself or others. Be humble and generous!

Image: Digital Art by the-flying-beetle on DeviantArt


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 11/13/2018

cac4b058aa3164a31e2febb72884fed2The Eight of Wands.

The letter ruling today presents us with an immediate intuition triggered by a sudden event. It will be the perfect time to decipher our true goals and decide to devote prime attention in achieving them, providing a continuous motion that will require attention and agility to overcome obstacles. However, the speed of action could hamper the accurate perception of the way, which may generate doubts about acquiring postures requiring a lot of confidence and dexterity. Be stubborn and confident!

Image: Witches Tarot


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 11/12/2018

king_of_wands_by_losenko-dbymgsnThe King of Wands.

The letter ruling today imbues the self-confidence, power, domination and internal energy in every action and even right in our own mistakes. We will be at the apex of our energy transformation, conscious of our ability to work and believe our triumphs. However, there will be a biased impulsivity that offer situations of daring and self-centeredness. Be cooperative and humble!

Image: Digital Art by Losenko on DeviantArt