LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 02/25/2018

the_temperance_by_pearlpencil-dbqbenaXIV – The Temperance.

The letter ruling today gives us the power to manage differences. Probably will be more skilled to harmonize the controversies and find the right moment to transform the situations with poise. We will be provided the necessary insight to understand the way forward, taking the right decision. Breathe and awaken the serenity that is in each one!

Image: Digital Art by Pearlpencil on DeviantArt


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 02/24/2018

tumblr_nhgz48NAd81tcvnxzo1_1280The Knight of Wands.

The letter ruling today imbues us all with special abilities, captivating and a great verbal eloquence, facilitating our work performance and providing we win the attention of others because of the courage, passion and boldness with which we face situations. However, probably due to a momentary overconfidence or impulsiveness, we have difficulty to discern depth situations, which may cause rash attitudes. Be patient and think well before you act. Wisdom for all!

Image: The Ostara Tarot


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 02/23/2018

queen_of_wands_by_enysguerrero-d9s7j7eThe Queen of Wands.

The letter ruling today imbue the determination, confidence and creativity to move forward without worrying about the thoughts or ideas of others. It also favors a blind dedication to everything we do, whether related to the life or love life. However, this powerful energy and enthusiasm can divert the focus of our goals, resulting in an unfocused and hyperactive behavior. Be disciplined and enjoy the transformative power of fire element!

Image:  Digital Art by EnysGuerrero on DeviantArt


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 02/22/2018

the_falcon_emperor_by_miasus-d68qd03IV – The Emperor.

The letter ruling today speaks of personal fulfillment , perseverance and achievement. We will be able to plan and implement our boldest plans, as well as to control and command the people involved in our achievements. We’ll be sure to have the conditions to achieve everything we want with a sense of responsibility, determination and discipline. What will provide security and stability in making decisions about the future. Good job to all!

Image: Digital Art by miasus on DeviantArt


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 02/21/2018

king_of_swords_dct_r2aik9The King of Swords.

The letter ruling for today imbues us with domain, persistence, wit and inner decision in each correct command or our own mistakes. We will be at the apex of our intellectual energy, conscious of our ability to control and trusting our decisions. However, there will be a biased arbitrariness that will provide situations of extreme coldness and intransigence. Be fair and humane!

Image: DruidCraft Tarot


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 02/20/2018

final_small_by_djamilaknopf-dbyb97pThe Eight of Wands.

The letter ruling today presents us with an immediate intuition triggered by a sudden event. It will be the perfect time to decipher our true goals and decide to devote prime attention in achieving them, providing a continuous motion that will require attention and agility to overcome obstacles. However, the speed of action could hamper the accurate perception of the way, which may generate doubts about acquiring postures requiring a lot of confidence and dexterity. Be stubborn and confident!

Image: Digital Art by DjamilaKnopf on DeviantArt


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 02/19/2018

82e55bd28e2fcf0de3c32010738b80b5The Five of Pentacles.

The letter ruling today connects us directly with our consciousness. This makes us feel in a tangible way possible lack of achievements, which for some reason most, could not be implemented leaving us with the feeling of guilt. However, we must remember that all experiences are part of a learning process essential for spiritual evolution. So this is the opportunity to understand that everything we really need is already within us right now, just waiting to be understood and enjoyed. We have to understand that fulfillment is at present, at possibility of action and decision on our lives. Do not mourn what you lost, open your eyes to the gift of being able to choose what to do now and build a new reality!

Image: The Dark Grimoire Tarot