LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 04/20/2018

10coinstarot_meredithdillman_by_meredithdillman-d7p2zupThe Ten of Pentacles.

The letter ruling today brings us pleasure and joy of triumph won. We will be involved in an atmosphere of satisfaction with the social status and stability, built with dedication to the concepts traditionally respected and admired. However, this fascination can come to mow our conscience not to realize the compulsion to acquire security, innocently believing that we are well protected from difficult situations. The cycles are important for the evolution of life and happen independent of our will. Be thankful and get ready for the new!

Image: Digital Art by Meredith Dillman on Deviant Art


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 04/19/2018

ace_of_wheels__pentacles__by_losenko-db30vkxThe Ace of Pentacles.

The letter ruling today presents us with an important day to put into practice the more audacious projects. We will be inspired with tacit knowledge and practical skills to get ahead firmly on our goals. Enjoy the strength and firmness with which will decide and face obstacles because gains made ​​today may become tomorrow’s great treasures, depends only on the discipline and determination of each of us. Be bold and fearless to take advantage of the opportunities today!

Image: Digital Art by Losenko on Deviant Art


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 04/18/2018

bd11eaa3c3332cad6551814167840689-d6gvs98XX – The Last Judgement.

The letter ruling today connects us with the most evolved part of our being. Generating the need to assess our spiritual condition, inducing our higher consciousness to realize that we all have the same limits and possibilities in life. It is a day to judge others and himself, which will prevail inquisitive attitudes and arbitrary, because of our limited consciousness. However, the Last Judgment is a time of spiritual renewal, allowing a personal renaissance that shows our destination. Consciousness at all!

Image: Digital Art by ArisT0te on Deviant Art


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 04/17/2018

48ff435aba7450721bfc4f183ffc8dfcThe Eight of Swords.

The letter ruling today indicates the trend over our lives to martyrdom. Probably we will find that the difficulties are greater than our ability and we will succumb to lack of confidence and perfectionism. However, even imbued with fear and tension, the solutions to our dilemmas will be present, making it necessary only to trust in our abilities. Force for all!

Image: The Art Of Animation


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 04/16/2018

hylesnia__suma_sacerdotisa_de_theridas_by_zaknafein77-d9k8fqeThe High Priestess.

The letter ruling today tells us one day in connection with our unconscious and our hidden capabilities. We unlock our memories, enhance our gifts and be attentive to our intuitions and instincts. Try to see beyond the apparent in their lives, seeking solutions in the core of the relevant issues. The answers are within you, find your own power!

Image: Digital Art by Zaknafein77 on Deviant Art


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 04/15/2018

knight_of_swords_by_brighnasaThe Knight of Swords.

The regent letter today imbue the speed of thought and a keen insight into our interests, contributing to the formation of concrete and immutable intellectual opinions, in which will be able to convince anyone to accept our point of view. However, this unwavering ideological security can earn a smug connotation, providing a little overly emotional and rational behavior. Therefore, although our intelligence is wonderful, do not forget that our intuition and feelings give us the power of the nobility in our attitudes. Sensitivity to all!

Image: Digital Art by Brighnasa on Deviant Art


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 04/14/2018

Sem títuloThe Ace of Cups.

The letter ruling today presents us with the great power of love. We will be imbued with emotion to our projects and personal relationships, both with regard to the relationship between lovers and between friends. Our sensitivity will allow us to make use of all the intuitive ability we have at the moment, can only be a certain difficulty in the perception of reality. Dream and inspiration to all!

Image: Digital Art by Angélica Juliane