LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 09/25/2018

three_of_cups_by_memuii-dch47diThe Three of Cups.

The letter ruling today offers us energy of celebration, where activities and responsibilities will be developed in a spirit of cooperativeness. There will be a certain lightness in the air where the inspiration will lead us to a state of wonder about our issues to awaken our seductive essence, converging on possible novels. Enjoy the joy and do not forget the responsibility. Loyalty to all!

Image: Digital Art by Memuii on DeviantArt


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 09/24/2018

six_of_wands_by_djamilaknopf-dbs1ychThe Six of Wands.

The letter ruling today presents us with total success in something we are skilled to do or acquired knowledge that will be superior to the others. This energy drives us to success and prominence that can lead to pride and self-centeredness. Therefore, we must exercise our modesty and humility lest we fall into chaos the limited perception of our vanity. However, the boldness and determination to achieve our goals in our hearts vibrate brilliantly and overcome old obstacles. Be determined and aware of the power of the collective!

Image: Digital Art by DjamilaKnopf on DeviantArt


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 09/23/2018

tarot_card_the_world_xxi_painting_collage_by_aleksandrauzarek-d97yu2nXXI – The World.

This arcane represents the jackpot, the complete success, completion of a process. It is a decisive force that generates very favorable circumstances in all aspects comprising human life. An ecstasy for recognition and wealth marked a new cycle in our lives that may be starting or ending. If there is something waiting to be finalized today can happen! Enjoy and good luck!

Image: Digital Collage by Aleksandrauzarek on DeviantArt


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 09/20/2018

6bbc2e6865043bf17ef8e5b74ade2dba--fortune-telling-pentacleThe Eight of Pentacles.

The letter ruling today presents us with determination in our work, providing the potential of overcoming obstacles to the concreteness of our goal. The ability to concentrate will allow us to perform a perfectionist about everything we did, allowing a divine connection that leads to evolution. Good job to all!

Image: Wildwood Tarot


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 09/19/2018

two_of_cups_by_sidlaux-dc8eob1The Two of Cups.

The letter ruling today connects us with the most emotional and sensitive portion of our being, grant us the power to create harmony and partnership agreements in our lives, contributing to the amorous conquest. The balance between the emotions and thoughts awaken the transformative power of love, which by its nature attracts magnetically and turns two to one. We will be endowed with the ability to appease, adjust and stabilize situations, people and feelings. Be generous!

Image: Digital Art by Sidlaux on DeviantArt


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 09/18/2018

kingofswords_by_bottledgrace-dahh85vThe King of Swords.

The letter ruling for today imbues us with domain, persistence, wit and inner decision in each correct command or our own mistakes. We will be at the apex of our intellectual energy, conscious of our ability to control and trusting our decisions. However, there will be a biased arbitrariness that will provide situations of extreme coldness and intransigence. Be fair and humane!

Image: Digital Art by Cryptomoon on DeviantArt


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 09/17/2018

custom_tarot_cards___eight_of_swords_by_mkkitanafan-dcdhyu6The Eight of Swords.

The letter ruling today indicates the trend over our lives to martyrdom. Probably we will find that the difficulties are greater than our ability and we will succumb to lack of confidence and perfectionism. However, even imbued with fear and tension, the solutions to our dilemmas will be present, making it necessary only to trust in our abilities. Force for all!

Image: Digital Art by Ivas-Art-Adventures on DeviantArt